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Review: Irresistibly Undeniable

Irresistibly Undeniable Irresistibly Undeniable by Zoey Derrick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First let me say I love Zoey Derrick, I have yet to read something she's written that doesn't work for me. That being said as much as I adore her Irresistibly Undeniable scared me, the idea of a cookie cutter second chance romance was not exactly what I was looking for but given her past books I decided to read it anyway.
Thank goodness I did. There is NOTHING cookie cutter about this book, this is a whole new take on second chances, a storyline I've personally never seen before.
Dyson & Ireland practically grew up together. Two years older than her, he was her brothers best friend and her first everything.
First crush, first love, first lover.
And then he was gone.

To a fifteen year old girl that would be devastating. To a fifteen year old girl who is in love with the boy it's the end of her world.

Fast forward ten years.
Ireland is about to see all her hard work put to good use, she's interviewing for her dream job when she smacks right into her past.
Only she's not sure it's who she thinks it is.
The interview is the only highlight in her life, having just lost her mother Ireland is broken, lost, in need of something but she doesn't know what.
Dyson is that something.
And once they realize they are working in the same building he sets out to make up for the past. To make her understand why he left, what she meant to and still means to him.
He want's to make everything better for her, and since he has the ability thinks he should.

Oh my, these two. At each others throats one minute and denying the chemistry between them only to make themselves more miserable.
Dyson refuses to give up, he gives her time, gives her everything she needs. The man is next to perfect in his ability to take his time and not rush her, not scare her off.
Ireland may be broken but she's not a pushover. She loves this man but refuses to make things easy on him. As much as her body wants him, her heart is still shattered and in no condition to give to him only to have it ripped out again.
She's scared and he's persistent.
When all the secrets come out will they ever be able to have the happily ever after they dreamed of or will the divide created be too much?

The characters in this book were so realistic, their problems, their fears, all were realistic. Then there was this backstabbing, sleeze of a so called best friend who ticked me off.
I have some harsh feelings for Becca, not sure what her issue is but I hear we may find out!! It's going to take some work to make me feel anything positive towards her.

I'm so glad I read this one!! First off I adore the names Ireland & Dyson, can't say I've read about either before. Then there's the story itself, it hooked me in the first couple of chapters and I found myself glued to the pages, hating to be interrupted by real life.
Loved almost every person and every thing about this book, 5 stars.

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