Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Blog Tour ~ Always Hope by Heidi Renee

Title: Always Hope
Genre: Chick-lit Romance
Release Date: November 26, 2016
Designer: Claire Smith

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Ten years ago Hope West left her hometown, attempting to outrun dissolved relationships, family secrets, and the broken heart caused by her first love, Samuel Mooney. When unforeseen circumstances force her to return, she realizes that her time away has done little to heal the pain of the past.

Never intending to stay in Woodridge, Hope slowly begins to understand that remaining there may be the only way to secure her future. Blossoming friendships and the discovery of a box of letters revealing the identity of her mysterious father all point Hope in the direction of reconciliation.

As she begins to mend her broken bonds, Sam reenters her life in an unexpected way, forcing her to decide if true love can really stand the test of time.

This book was so sweet. It was more then just a second chance romance, it was more like a second chance at life. Besides Hope getting her many second chances, her mom also got a second chance at love and life.
Hope was in love with Sam but after a big fight, life took another direction. Fast forward 10 yrs later and while things look bad for Hope, she makes the best of a bad situation. Once she changes her attitude and learns to forgive, things start falling into place. I really like Hope as a character; she's strong, forgiving and loyal. Hey life is suddenly turned upside down and she takes it with a smile on her face. I know I said it already but this was a really sweet book

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Heidi Renee Mason is a passionate romance novelist and crafter of your next Happily Ever After. She loves listening to the voices in her head (from her characters, of course!) and creating worlds in which her readers can lose themselves for a little while. A native of the Midwest, Heidi now resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and three daughters.


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