Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Review: One Wrong Glance

One Wrong Glance One Wrong Glance by Deanndra Hall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If there's one thing Deanndra Hall does well it's weave an emotional tale that will bring her readers to tears.
I'm happy to say I've read more than ten books by this author and never been disappointed.

One Wrong Glance is Malcolm and Wendy's story.
Two people attracted to each other yet too afraid of rejection to give it a shot.

It begins simply enough, racial graffiti on their homes and business but quickly escalates leaving no doubt that Malcolm is the target.
The Walters assign Wendy as his bodyguard giving them a chance to spend time together as well as keep him safe.
This is the little push they needed to get them together. As they find themselves quickly falling for each other the threats escalate putting Malcolm's life in danger.
With no clue who is after him the family once again bands together to protect their own, only the invisible threat isn't all Malcolm needs protection from.
His parents are horribly racist. His father has never been proud of any of his accomplishments; his degree, career choices and now his love life. His father berates him and puts him down constantly, treating him more like a problem than a person. Lucky for him he has the Walter's and their extended family at Citadel.
While dealing with the threat to his life he realizes he's got family even if their not blood related, that even if his father never approves of him and his lifestyle that there are people who do.

And just when everything seems to be running smoothly between Wendy & Malcolm, they run into a personal issue. Words are said and hearts are broken.
Wendy hardens herself against the pain as best she can and attempts to separate her work and personal life, while still guarding Malcolm she pushes him away.
Malcolm refuses to give up, he loves her and wants to fix whats broken but it may not be that simple.
And then the end, the family is dealt yet another blow that will tear your heart out.

As always I easily fell in love with these characters. The Walter's and their extended family all appear in this book reminding me just what I love about the author. The strong family bonds along with the need to provide for and protect everyone one they love is just one reason I adore these books.
Deanndra Hall has touched on many painful subjects in her books, some hard to read and all have made me tear up or full out bawl, but the hate shown in this one shredded my heart. It's hard to read, I wanted to wrap Malcolm up and hide him from the world. It's a horrible, sad reality of the world we live in. As much as I wish racism was not a part of all our lives, it is to some extent.
So while this is a love story, a story of two people overcoming their differences & insecurities to have a loving relationship, it's so very much more.

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