Monday, March 6, 2017

Review: Wet

Wet Wet by Ashley Bostock
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I went back and forth on this book, I quite honestly put this book down a few times thinking if I just took a break and came back with fresh eyes I'd get into it.
Not the case, as much as I loved the blurb I was sure I was going to fall in love and fly right through this book, sadly the blurb was the best part for me.
I've put off actually writing this review, giving myself a chance to digest what I read and even going back to pick at a few areas thinking I missed something that made this better than I rated it.
First of all is Ryan, while he appears the all mighty Alpha ladies all over town adore, doing the right thing raising his siblings but in truth he's anything but. Big, sexy and bossy he may be but he's more sissy than alpha. I was disappointed in him so many times. His seemingly noble priorities weren't all it was cracked up to be either.
Miranda. I get the whole nobody believes in me, nobody wants me I'll just sleep with him an cross my fingers that he can still stand to look me in the eye the next time we cross paths, but for a woman who was at a glance strong due to the adversity she faced in that town but still stayed and forged on, she was anything but when it came to Ryan.
She's willing to basically pry one night of sex out of this man in exchange for something he wants. It's more modern day prostitution than sexy.
An the fact that he couldn't be seen with her, couldn't let anyone know they had spent a night together and would hide and basically ignore her in front of any and everyone, just no. I wanted to pull my hair out, I'm not sure if I wanted to slap Miranda or punch Ryan more. Maybe if I just smacked their skulls together a few times I would have felt better.
I'm not usually so critical and I feel horrible writing this but this book just didn't do it on any level for me.
A woman who's past won't leave her alone in a tiny town full of stuck on themselves jackasses, who doesn't believe in herself enough to be with a man who respects her, I just could not stand it.
I finished the book though I truly didn't think I could and I debated what rating to give it, I'm still not sure I should give it three but it is what it is, this is where I'll leave it.

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