Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Review: The Banker

The Banker The Banker by Piper Rayne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I did not read book one in this series (yet) but after reading book 2 The Boxer I knew I had to read Lennon's book asap.
The wild child, the one that refuses relationships with a preference for one night stands. She's a free spirit who needs an investor for her new business to take off, her brother refuses so she seeks out the next best thing, his best friend.
Once she comes face to face with Jasper things change, she may just want something from this man other than his money.
Jasper is a good man. He's a sound businessman as well as hot as hell. He meets Lennon at a time in his life he's decided no more one nighters, it's time to look for someone he can build a life with and after meeting Lennon he knows he's found the one for him.
But Jasper has a secret. One that could ruin everything he and Lennon have together.
Lennon also has a secret.
Between the two of them there's one hell of a mountain to climb, Lennon's never been good at sticking so when things so south will she fight or tuck tail an run?

I'm not sure how I missed this series early on, I love these girls and their men. I fully intend to go back for book one asap, The Boxer hooked me but The Banker made me love this series.

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