Monday, May 15, 2017

Review: Alpha Kaden

Alpha Kaden Alpha Kaden by Midika
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was not what I expected! I went in thinking this was going to be much darker, much more ominous but it was a pleasant surprise!

Mara is from the Purity pack, seemingly the most disliked pack there is.
She grew up with fear of Alpha Kaden being beat into her and every other child in the packs heads.
Hiding out at night, keeping her curtains closed in fear of being taken is what her parents demand but Mara's a bit of a closet wild child. Not really afraid she peers out her window when her parents aren't watching. She knows girls from her pack disappear and has hear the horror of what may be done to them, everything from being sold off to criminal pack members to being killed yet she's still curious and is drawn to take the risk of seeing him.

Alpha Kaden is not what he seems. There are horror stories of the things he's done, rumors of what he does with the young girls he steals from the beds.
But all is not as it appears and once I saw that I was hooked.
While this isn't my usual genre I'm so glad I read this, I want the entire series, I need Grayson's story and look forward to Jasper's and hopefully more on Kace.
4 stars.

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