Thursday, May 11, 2017

Review: The Executioner

The Executioner The Executioner by Shauna Allen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This series is going to be amazing. If Asher's story is anything to go by I'm going to love each and every book to come, every brother and every person who crosses their paths to help them out of their own hell.

The Executioner sets us up for the series, while it's Asher's story it also introduces us to the family's past, their pain and where each of the family members are in their lives. The background in this book will make it a must read in order series to fully understand.

Asher's life took a change he never expected, wounded in the Army he was discharged and is now a prison guard. He's a tormented soul, the loss of his sister ten years ago weighs heavily on him and his family. Claire's disappearance remains unsolved and continues to be an open wound for the family.
Genevieve pops into his life wanting to ask questions. She wants to write a story but Asher's not convinced he should trust her.
She has her own past to reconcile with but unlike Asher hers has a time limit.
Writing a story on Claire's disappearance in order to hopefully find new clues brings Genevieve closer to his family, to all his brothers and his parents, if she were to break his trust it would no long just be him that was hurt by it but his entire family.

Gah I loved this story, I went in knowing the mystery wouldn't be solved until much later but I would really love the next book or two right now. I need to see what's next, who's next, what the next clue is.
I'm pretty sure my addiction to the Creed family could be considered to border on obsession, I have so many questions and I need answers!!
Growing attraction to Genevieve has Asher twisted up. He never thought he could fall for or love a woman, his biggest problem is trust and that could ruin everything for him.

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