Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Review: Worship Me

Worship Me Worship Me by Chelle Bliss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

More James & Izzy!!!!
To say I was excited to find out my favorite couple were getting another book would be an understatement. Then came the wait, I was literally like a kid on Christmas morning when this book hit my kindle.

Being a James & Izzy fanatic I knew this was going to be a dirty, sexy ride and I wasn't wrong.
Worship Me doesn't lack Izzy's snark or James' dominance. It starts with him being his in control alpha self giving Izzy hell and just gets better from there.
His ability to make her bend to his will is unbelievably hot, he's the total package from head to toe and everything in between, especially that filthy mind of his.
He needs his wifes help on a case, but this case challenges them in ways they never expected. It's not just the case that has them on edge, their learning about themselves and their relationship as they go and that can be scary. Lucky for us Izzy's a hard headed woman and James a control freak who refuses to accept anything other than what he wants.
Their limits are tested, Izzy learns something about herself she hadn't realized in all their years together and by the end they've been through something neither is in a hurry to repeat.

How can I put into words how much I love these guys? I really can't express how much I adore every page, every word between them. As always the book is fantastic, it kept me engaged literally from the very first page. I felt a loss once it was over because it was done. There were no more pages, no more snarky replies or spankings, no more James and Izzy. Then I realized their story could have been done 2 years ago but thanks to the kickass author we got another shot of Gallo. So thank you for adding to this series and bringing back everyone and everything we loved about the Gallo's from the beginning.

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