Thursday, December 17, 2015

Release Day Blitz ~ Trip's Retribution by Aden Lowe

∼ Release Day Blitz ∼

Title: Trip's Retribution (Hell Raiders MC Book 3) Author: Aden Lowe 

Cover Designer: Ashley Wheels 

Photographer: Shauna Kruse 

Cover Model: Matthew Hosea 

Genre: MC Romance / Romantic Suspense 

Series: Hell Raiders MC 

Release Date: December 17th, 2015


∼ Synopsis ∼

For Trip, VP of the Hell Raiders MC, dangerous situations are second nature. Two years ago, negotiating business with the Saxons MC, he finds the one woman he can't live without. When he learns she's there as payment for someone else's debt, Trip must make Tanya his, despite the risks.
Life with Trip is as far from the living nightmare of being a slave to the Saxons MC as possible. Her knight in black armor came for her and it hasn't been easy, but things are finally looking up for Tanya. She even almost believes it.
Until the Hell Raiders step uninvited into Saxons business and they decide to make Trip pay through Tanya's suffering. Will another round of torture shatter her spirit and put her forever beyond Trip's reach? Or will his love be enough to finally end the nightmare for good?
* This is the third book in the Hell Raiders MC Series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but you might enjoy reading about each Hell Raider Brother in order. Kellen's Redemption, followed by Dixon's Resurrection are before Trip's Retribution. *

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5 stars
Trip's Retribution is my first Aden Lowe book. Why haven't I read the rest of this series? No clue, but it's definitely on my TBR list now.
As a first time reader I'm happy to say this book has it all, it's well written, flows well and sucked me in from chapter one forcing me to read it from cover to cover in one sitting!
A story line I could not put down, I can neither confirm nor deny the fact that my family may or may not have had to fend for themselves while I was immersed in Trip's story!!

Trip is sent to the Saxon's clubhouse on business, while there he meets Tanya. Something about her makes him want to protect her, seeing the way she and the other women are treated disgusts him. Hell Raider's respect their women, Saxon's clearly do not. 
He tries to get her leave with him but she refuses fearing the Saxon's will find and kill her.
Trip doesn't want feel right leaving her there but it's her decision and he has to respect it.

Two years later their paths cross again and this time she accepts his offer,
Not knowing what to expect at yet another MC she's sure it can't be quite as bad as being a Saxon slave. 
Tanya settles into life with Trip, he helps her build a life, never pushing himself on her.
This is both a comfort and a concern for her, doesn't he want her? 
Trip's a great man, he can be tough when needed but he always puts Tanya's needs before his. Giving her time to decide if she truly wants him, not just wanting to pay him back for saving her, helping her start over free of the horror she suffered at the hands of the Saxon MC.

And just when things are headed in the right direction, someones coming for Tanya. The best way to hut him is to take whats his and that means Tanya....

Trip's Retribution had a touch of everything I look for in a great MC Story. Suspense, lust, sexy badass bikers who may have a good heart. and a little romance,
This book has made me a huge Aden Lowe fan, I can't wait to grab the rest of this series and look forward to what comes next.

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