Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Review: The Fed Sex Man

The Fed Sex Man The Fed Sex Man by Scott Hildreth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Y'all know I almost always am saying how the newest book from Scott Hildreth is my favorite, well your about to hear it again.
This book had everything. It was a light hearted change from what I usually read. After Ghost I didn't know what to expect, it looks like the author knew exactly what we needed to recover from that one. The humor made it so amazing, it truly made the book. Jo was so freaking adorable, a bit naive in some ways but she was someone you could connect with, I'd buy that girl a beer an see what pops out of her mouth (really I just want to find this bookstore and live in it) and Tyson, what can I say about him. Hotter than hell, a hit it an quit it kinda guy with a troubled soul.
Both characters evolved throughout the story with the help of each other and a bit on their own, it was great.
And funny, did I mention I LOVED the snark an humor?
Now to say this is my absolute favorite book from Scott would be a lie, to say Ghost takes 2nd place no, not going to happen. I do however love them both for different reasons, the stories are not at all similar but each individually gave me reasons to love them.

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