Friday, November 30, 2018

Review: Her Obsessed Mountain man

Her Obsessed Mountain man Her Obsessed Mountain man by Parker Grey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Her Obsessed Mountain Man is a quick read and my first from the author.
Jax has been intrigued by Ruby since she first stopped in his bar, his attraction grows but he does nothing about it. Until another man tries to harm her then he finally steps in.
When the situation escalates Jax saves her and has to protect her until her attacker is caught which means shes staying in his home.
Ruby is just as infatuated with Jax as he is her but neither mans up.
Things get heated between them but Jax refuses to let himself have sex with her, says she deserves someone better (I did not see what the broken part was about him, he was a bit of a loner but other than the age difference I didn't see damaged the blurb mentioned.)
After the threat is over she goes home, both of them suffering the separation until one of them has enough and confronts the other.
This book was just okay for me, I look at the blurb and expected a little more explanation about Jax but didn't get it, it's novella length so I know you can't fit everything in but I felt we didn't know what we should have about him.
3.5 stars

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