Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Second Chance's Kiss by E.M. Shue

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Second Chance's Kiss
by E.M. Shue

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: Securities International; Book 5

Bekah is the receptionist for Securities International and a widowed mother. Quiet, reserved, and elegant. That's what they see, but the truth is far darker. She's an elite hacker who has been in hiding for most of her life. Her past and secrets cover her body with the images her soul wants to bare. Her desires run dark. Now the man she's slowly been losing her heart too is lying in a hospital bed dying. Bekah did what she could to save him putting her own and her young daughter's lives in danger. Protecting Meghan at all costs is Bekah's top priority. But when the threat comes to close Bekah will come out of the shadows and not only hack whoever she needs to but will fight with the talents Securities International has taught her.

Derek is broken. His life is hanging by a thread and the woman he's willing to take a second chance on is Sir's next target. He'll push his body to its very last breath to save Bekah and Meghan. Derek will sacrifice himself to protect them. He's ready to live a full life and take a chance on love with the fiery red-head. He's prepared to open up his desires to her. But will it be enough? Are his passion and strength enough to heal the wounds they both carry? Is Bekah ready to let him lead?

When the clock is ticking, and the bullets are spent will Bekah and Derek find their second chance?

In the fifth installment of Securities International, Sir is reveal, but another is waiting to take his place. The team is separated, are they weaker when they're divided? And one member is willing to sacrifice their future. Guns, motorcycles, and explosions ensue in this hot and steamy happily for now.


While Second Chance's Kiss is the fifth book in the series it's the first for me. I hadn't read the previous books but I certainly want to now.
Derek & Bekah were amazing, meeting the secondary characters made me want to read each one of them they are that important to the story that I just need their books.
Fast paced, a little bit of everything and a ton of sexy. A well written book with an intriguing story that kept me turning pages. I look forward to reading more of this series and this author.

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