Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Layla's Note

Dear all,

So the research is on, we bought a bunch of wrestling DVD's so that
we can work out a master plan on how to prepare ourselves for the
life that we have to live.
Dad's set to explode and he is thinking that we can't handle being
wrestlers. He has no idea what we have been through, pain is part of
our ever breathe. For Marie that is truly the case with her hairline
factored ribs that have never healed right.
We did some more filming today and I have included shots of what we
I looked like and what I was doing. Marie seems to be at home in front
of a camera.

I was surprised how well her debut went with WWIC. She was better than
me. The fans have an instant reaction to her, she provokes them well. I'm
trying to remember the lessons that Kayla taught me.

Times going to be interesting as we move forward. Better go, Marie's
calling my phone and I'm sure that its about the job that Harold just
gave her.

Speak soon,


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