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TITLE: My Texas Sweetheart
AUTHOR: Pauliena Acheson


Maggie Summers, is in her final year of high school. On the first day she meets a new Guy after she helps his sisters. Maggie thinks he is gorgeous but there’s something about him that screams man-whore! Her twin brother Adam becomes friends with him and Maggie finds out she is right. Though the first few months she becomes friends with Jase, as she watches him get with every girl possible!!

Jase Jacks, Moved to the small town in Texas, Called bumble bee and he hated it….wanted nothing more than to move back to New York. On his first day of school he meets Maggie and her twin Brother Adam, Jase thinks she is beautiful and way too good for the likes of him. Besides she isn’t a one night stand kind of girl, so he decides to just be friends with her. After a few months Maggie meets her friend Jenny’s Cousin Christian and they start dating. Jase hates it but there’s nothing he can do or is there…..
What will Maggie do when the worst possible thing happens to her? What will Jase do when he realizes he’s in love with Maggie? What other life changing Events happen? Will they be broken or will they be able to move forward?

That day SHATTERED all of their lives!!! They will never be the same…

18 and over readers only!

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4.5 stars

To begin I just have to mention the cover, this has to be one of the hottest covers ever, tattoos, abs, ripped jeans, that hat an his head down hiding his face, yum. Yea I looked at the cover more than once while reading this book.

My Texas Sweetheart is a story of growing up, becoming the person your meant to be. Seeing as their high school seniors they don't reach their full potential in this book of course, but the are headed in the right direction.

Maggie is a sweet, confident girl with 5, count them 5 older brothers. 
She's used to them being over protective and when she meets Jase their no different. 
Jase is just like her brothers, a man whore and even if she is attracted to him, she wants nothing to do with him. She struggles with this through the book, being attracted to someone who is the complete opposite of her and has no intention of changing his ways, at least he was honest with her about it upfront.

Jase is sexy as hell and can have any girl he wants, except one. Maggie is too good for him, he'd never use her like he does all the other females willing to go for a one time ride. He's a player and he likes his life as it is. Until Maggie. He doesn't think he'll ever change for any woman, he'll never want one permanently in his life so he tells her the truth, he's happy the way things are and no matter how much he wants her he won't use her.

So friends it is.

No spoilers!!!
I loved Jase & Maggie's story,there are parts you want to knock some of the characters senseless and times you will cry for them, but in the end they become who they need to be and move onto college. 

The story is well written, the characters are completely loveable and the storyline is perfect, it flows well throughout the book.



Author Bio

Hello, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed my very first book!!!! I love Maggie and Jase like they are my own kids. I am married to a wonderful man that believes in me. There will be more books with the rest of the Summers family telling their stories. I am a stay-at-home mom with two kids. I love reading and thought that, one day, I would put my thoughts into a book and hope for the best. I live in Ontario, Canada, and have a huge family...three biological sisters, three step-sisters, and three step-brothers But I don't think of them that way. They are my sisters and brothers. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me... Always remember to smile, laugh, and love to the fullest Love to you all!
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