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PROJECT: Killer by J.L. Beck ~ Blog Tour

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In her eyes, he would always be the same…
Twenty-four-year-old Maggie Jacobs had lived a life of heartache and pain. After losing the one and only man she ever loved to incurable cancer, she went on to take a job working for PGI Corporation in hopes she could find a cure in honor of him one day. Little did she know her very working there could be the difference between life and death.
Killer was just that—a killer. He lived for the moments when he could break bones and bring other’s nightmares to life. After all, isn't that what they wanted from him? Genetically altered by the government, stripped of all his own memories, Killer heads down a dark and dangerous road.
Memories evade his mind, but nothing sticks out quite like the girl in his dreams.
With her dark brown hair and eyes, she’s a danger to his heart, but a victim to his rage. He knows she has the answers to his past. If he gets his hands on her, she will never be seen again.
Secrets, lies, and the sweetest of betrayals encompass them. Can Killer find his way through the rage and back to Maggie or is it too late? Can someone who is hell bent on being broken truly be saved?
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“Want to hear a joke?” Her voice entered my mind as a flash of a memory hit me. My fists clenched as I gripped at the bed sheet. The muscles in my stomach clenched as I forced myself to hold onto to every second of it.
She had brown hair that flowed down her back freely. Big brown eyes that sparkled as she smiled at something I had said. She was saying something to me, her mouth moving, but I was unable to hear it... She was fading out…
“Killer.” Gauge’s voice was the first I heard, and it only made my anger worse. Who was she, and why the fuck did I have memories of a life I didn’t remember living?
“Get the fuck away from me,” I growled. I was on the verge of ripping the whole fucking room apart. My body was shaking as I shot out of bed.
“Killer. Stop. Calm down.” Gauge’s voice rang in my ears, but his words meant nothing to me. It was as if my mind and body weren’t connected. I wouldn’t be able to stop the destruction I would cause until I found answers. I needed them. So fucking badly.
Blood. Bathe in the blood of your enemies, the little voice in my head said. I smiled like the devil at the mere thought of killing—slaughtering.
I made my way up from the fourth floor climbing all four flights of stairs without a single bead of sweat forming. I was made this way. I was made to be indestructible.
Finding the nearest exit, I pushed out into the open alleyway that sat next to the building. It was time to hunt. To prey upon those who deserved it most. A piece of who I was, the one who clung to my humanity, the one who held onto the memory of that girl—disappeared. In its place was a man who would kill without even a thought. When I looked at the world through these eyes, I saw mass chaos and the need to rectify, to deliver my revenge. There was no mercy, compassion, or caring.
There was only death, revenge, and blood.
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Erica ~
5 stars
Project:Killer is my 4th book by the author and while it's so different from her previous books I've read I'm flat out in love with Killer.

Killer is one of a small group of people who have been genetically altered by PGI and have escaped. While the others have memories of their past, Killer has nothing but the occasional flashback in dreams but nothing that brings up any part of his past.
He's also the most dangerous of the group, he's angrier and quick to kill making him PGI's greatest accomplishment.
A run in one night at a club with a girl who's stare he can't turn away from is the beginning of Killer's new hell. 
Maggie can't believe she's face to face with the boy, now man she lost years ago. She watched Diesel (aka Killer) suffering from cancer and was at his funeral, he's gone or so she thought. 
She's been working for PGI for years, tolerating their high school tormentor's horrific behavior in hopes of moving up in the company. She swore she would find a cure for the cancer that killed Diesel and for 7 years she's devoted her life to just that. Until the night she sees him and things go bad.
The guys decide Maggie could be just what Killer needs to regain his memories and in turn hope that will help calm him some. 
If I keep rambling I'll end up giving something good away!
Killer sucked me in in the first chapter and kept me turning pages until the end, I didn't want to put it down. I loved each of the characters, well maybe not Roger but each of them add something essential to the story.
And the end. Wow what an end, I never saw the twist coming and cannot wait for book two.

4.5 stars
I must say this is not my typical book but I gave it a try after hearing so much about it. I'm glad I did. I got sucked into a world I couldn't believe existed. All killer knows is to kill people who gets in his way but that all changes when he meets a girl in a bar. He knows that she knows him but can't figure out how. Slowly after talking to her, the memories start flowing back and he remembers everything. Maggie, has been trying to help her friend from high school to now. He had cancer, was dying but always found the way to protect her from the bullies in school. She believed he died but news to her, he didn't. This book grabbed me and wouldn't let me go. I was in shock as I read the last few pages. I swear I didn't see that coming at all! This book is not all bloodshed, it has its sweet moments as well. I can't wait to get my hand on the next one!

J.L. Beck is the Best Selling Author of The Kingpin Love Affair Series and The Bittersweet Series. She plays mother and wife by day, and writer extraordinaire by night. When she's not writing, reading or doodling, you can find her watching The Vampire Diaries, and The 100. She currently resides in the tiny town of Elroy, in the state of Wisconsin with her husband of seven years, and three year old hellion.
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