Saturday, January 23, 2016

Yes, Mr. Mitchell by Luxx Monroe ~ Release Day Blitz

Yes, Mr. Mitchell 

Luxx Monroe


Nicole Swanson was a good girl, a good girl that had something she didn’t want. After being convinced that her virginity would only hinder her college experience, she decided to give it up to a hot, older man. Only she had no idea who he was. 

Garren Mitchell was on a paved road to success. He loved everything about his life, even the fact that he never dated. Ever. That was until Nicole barged into his life. 

Will Garren and Nicole be able to pass the hurdles that are thrown in front of them, or will they simply call it quits and take the easy way out? 

Intended for an 18+ audience. 

**Note from the author**

If you're into sweet but naughty books about forbidden student-teacher relationships, this book was written for you. If you steer clear of cliffhangers, you’ve been warned. Book #2 will be out very soon, and I promise it will most definitely be worth the wait.

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5 stars
Nicole is a good girl, she's starting college a virgin. She's held onto her virginity initially waiting for "the one" but realizing she's missing out on something she decides it's time to rid herself of that pesky little problem. 
Her roommate convinces her the best way to go about it is to dress up out of her comfort zone, hit a club an find a guy to do the deed.
Questioning her choice she literally runs into Garren.
There's an instant, mutual attraction that causes Nikki to feel like another person, making her more confident and ready to get down to business.

A quick romp in a storage room and they both walk away with what they wanted.
Fast forward to the first day of class an who should walk in but Garren. He's Nikki's journalism professor, which comes as a shock to both of them.

Garren is young for a professor, only 28 and sexy as hell. He doesn't believe in love or relationships, or even sleeping with the same woman twice, but Nikki is stuck in his head. He can't forget their time together and for the first time in his life he want's more than a woman more than once. He's been forewarned concerning student/teacher relationships. They are against the rules and could cost him his job, and with the pull he feels towards Nikki he knows this is going to be nearly impossible.

They come  to an agreement and it's working well until Nikki drops a bomb on her way out the door, this ends their relationship and for payback she texts him a picture of her and her classmate Chad.
Garren is pissed, he goes out looking for her while she finds herself in a situation she never imagined.

Killer cliffhanger. I may have yelled, cursed and slapped my kindle down on the way to my pc to email the author concerning the ending! I am eagerly awaiting part two, I'd really like to have it in my greedy little hands right this minute but that can't happen.
If you enjoy the teacher/student relationship books, you will love this one. If it's not usually your thing you should really give this one a shot, it's a bit different, not cookie cutter and has an ending that will leave you breathless.

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