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Review: FILTHY: Biker MC Romance Boxed Set

FILTHY: Biker MC Romance Boxed Set FILTHY: Biker MC Romance Boxed Set by Scott Hildreth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hands down one of my top 3 favorite series.
If you haven't read them this is a great deal.

When's the last time a Scott Hildreth book made me cry?
Never until now.
We all knew Hard was going to be just that, and once again the author didn't disappoint.
Peyton is probably one of my favorite female characters ever. She's strong, opinionated and a little nuts, I'm pretty sure she an I could be best friends were she real.
She's a reporter, given the job of writing a story on the Filthy F*ckers president Nicholas Nevarro.
This assignment is going to be the best and worst thing that ever happened to her.
While this book is about the MC and we do get acquainted with a few members, the MC side is sort of woven into Payton's story.
Her story gets pretty dark, and yes there are triggers so please read the warnings prior to reading this book.
I personally can say that it did not trigger me, it was handled shall we say with kid gloves, was well written and not graphic. I found myself seeing similarities in her way of dealing with it but it didn't bother me or make me break down. I didn't even put the book down and come back to it, I read right on through without any issue. Thank you Scott for the way you handled this aspect of the story, you made it so I didn't have to miss out on a great book just because it may bring up things I don't want to relive.

Nick and Payton are great characters, her mouth is probably one of my favorite parts of the book, she just can't stop the snarky replies and it makes for a fun read.
And Peebee, I think I might have fell in love with him, more like tripped an face planted. What he did for Payton is beyond anything I'd expected and made me respect and adore him and I hope he has a book coming soon. I love it when a secondary character can steal my heart!

Hard is another hit for Hildreth. From the cover to the dedication to the very last page, which is amazing by the way, Hard pulled me into Payton's world an then into Nick's and kept me glued and losing sleep because I just could not put it down.

Oh my God, if I thought I loved Scott Hildreth's heroines before I was wrong, Tegan just jumped to the top of the list of badass chicks.
Her first meeting with Pee Bee is a complete disaster, she destroys his bike and he's not thrilled with her.
She has no money to pay him but quickly finds a well paying job that should quickly remedy that.
Until she knocks on the door an comes face to face with the man himself.
This doesn't go well, he doesn't want her taking care of his father and has no issues telling her so.
He's got a very low opinion of her which she quickly remedies. (This is truly my favorite part of this book!)
Tegan is pretty laid back. She's the opposite of Pee Bee in most ways, she doesn't curse and every other word out of his mouth is filthy, she doesn't date bikers and that's what he is so when their attraction becomes clear there are some things to work through. Luckily Lex is pretty accepting of people just as they are so she doesn't expect him to be someone he's not but she also won't be someone she's not so if you want her you take her as she is, quick witted snarky mouth an all.
These two are at each others throats more than not and it's enjoyable as hell to read.
I absolutely love these two together, I'm pretty sure they may be my favorite couple yet.
And the evolution of Pee Bee. That was pretty amazing to watch. Seeing him grow basically and become a man, well a real man under his father's guidance. That's my second favorite part of this book.

Rough is a bit of a lighter story than Hard was, yea Tegan has a past but it's not as dark as Peyton's. She really doesn't have anything to get over other than her distrust of bikers. She's completely amazing from her ability to cut a man down with her words to her spider monkey routine. The end broke my heart but I knew it was coming so it wasn't exactly a shock but I did cry during the last chapter or two damn you Scott Hildreth, that's twice now.

Best couple yet, well in this series at least. These two will be hard to top!

Scott Hildreth has a talent for giving readers real characters, characters you can connect with on an emotional level and at times his characters struggles will mirror your own.
No matter what the subject matter, how dark or evil it may be, I easily find myself wrapped up in the story fairly quickly and unable to put the books down.
Another thing that pulls me towards the authors work are the heroines, yes he writes some of the sexiest alpha males with the filthiest mouths you'll read about but it's the strength of the females that I always recall.
Some of his heroines have been to hell an back but they made it through and they come out stronger with or without the help of others.
That brings me to Lex. After being kidnapped and going through some horrific shit she comes out of it pretty quickly figuring out that she's got to work through the ordeal to move on. She refuses to let it define her or ruin her life.
It doesn't hurt that she soon finds the man who saved her is willing to spend time with her, something that helps her get to her new normal.
Cholo's a badass. He's big and can be mean but he's also shy and reserved, at least he is with Lex.
He sees how strong she is and while spending time with her he starts to have feelings, something he's never experienced with a woman before.
He's patient.
He's by her side but never pushing, he's what she needs when she needs it but it all moves along slowly and smoothly at her pace.

And yes, there's plenty of MC stuff going on as well (specifically my boy Peebee spends a good bit of time in this one thank you SD) you still get your Filthy Fucker's, a little backstabbing and action thrown in. I liked seeing so much of the other guys in this one an not just in a club capacity, their lives outside the club, working etc.
Once again I have not a bad word to say about this authors work, he continues to produce story after story that I can't put down.

How in the hell do these books keep getting better?
Not just these books but this entire series is kind of outdoing most of the previous ones (almost)
The characters, their stories, their struggles and that oh so loved possessive, protective alpha badass just keeps getting better with each new Hildreth book I open.

Smokey is so different from other characters, being a single father who refuses to bring a woman into his daughters life made me smile. His reasons may have been a teeny bit biased but he was being a good dad and it certainly didn't hurt his girl one little bit.
I loved how he handled situations, none of that flipping out and biting Sandy's head off. He took everything in stride, recognized what needed to be done and did it. He thinks before he acts, which I assume his raising a child on his own has made him that way, different than most of his brothers.
An Sandy, she's pretty awesome. She's almost a minor character to me as she's easy going, easy to understand, you know how she's going to react/handle things. Not that she's not a great chick or important part of this book, she's just uncomplicated where Smokey has something about him that makes you want to pay closer attention to him and his behavior.

Nick & Peyton were awesome, PeeBee & Tegan were effing amazing, Cholo & Lex easily meant to be from the word go. Smokey & Sandy, their story was so far from the rest it almost tops every Scott Hildreth book I've read.

Once again Scott Hildreth has outdone himself.
I've read every book in this series and have come to realize you just never know what your going to get. Each of these guys may seem like a typical badass biker, screwing their way through clubhouse whores without a care in the world but you'll soon learn that each and every one of them have something special about them. It may be something be it dark or just tragic that made them the men they are, led them to the MC or it may just be loneliness, the need for a close knit group of brothers to make him feel whole. Either way you don't know what your going to get other than one amazing read.
Nuts is Percy “P-Nut” Larsen's story, and yes he's a bit nuts.
He's also amazing. He like most people has reasons why he keeps to himself, secrets that aren't pretty. He's strong, protective and exactly the kind of neighbor I want. He doesn't trust easy, doesn't openly show emotion to anyone other than his mom (which he takes such good care of, another huge selling point for this man!!) he's a protector at his core and his neighbor is about to send that instinct into overdrive.
Joey has watched him for years. He moved in with his loud bike 7 years ago and she hasn't been able to stop watching him. They became easy friends and eventually as she got older she saw him as more than a friend, realized she was attracted to him even though he'd never see the girl in oversize baggy clothes as anything but the little girl next door. So instead she enjoys every moment in his presence keeping her attraction to herself.
Then the day comes that she's the one who needs defending and P-Nut is the man for the job.
He changes her life in ways she never expected, a freedom, a confidence she's never experienced is now hers thanks to the only man who's ever been this close.
She's changing him as well. All the things he never thought he'd have, never expected he'd want again yet he does.
These two are amazing characters, both having experienced their own pain or tragedy yet being strong enough to soldier on and make a new life for themselves.
Two of a kind, both with huge hearts and strong will make them one of my favorite couples.
We all know I love a protective man and a strong heroine, I can't stomach whiny broken women who refuse to even attempt to stand up for themselves and Joey is so not that woman. She's been through hell but she's moving on, taking zero shit and giving zero f*&ks.
5 stars.

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