Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Marie's World ~ Layla's Note


So its another day in the aftermath of the book release. I'm
happy though, somehow there is something inside me that gets
happier as it goes on.

Will wouldn't be on a storyline pathway to get a title shot and
I'm not even worried about the rumours of my sister joining WWIC. There is no way that Harold is going to let her off the
leash. He knows how far I'm willing to go if I'm pushed and he's
a smart enough man to work out that I'm not to be pushed.

I'm working my way through the notes for the next book and thought I'd take a moment since I'm stuck in the airport to
write this message to all of you.

Will has been worrying about Edward and I told him to not worry. Dad has laid enough pain into Perthlin that I doubt he'll
be getting in the way of my plans any time soon or hurting those I care about.

When I can prove that Perthlin's in love with Marie then I'll
make sure that he's pushed out the picture before I go for
the final move that no one will see coming.



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