Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Layla's Note ~ Marie's World by Kristal McKerrington

Layla 22/07

Dear all.

Well I'm sitting here pulling my hair out as Will has told me that he's
been sent away to do a deal and a tour international. They aren't sending
me due to the film. I'm going to be alone with Edward.

Help...I need Marie.

Dad did hold up his end of what he said and now I'm worried about the
war that has seem to started between him, Perthlin. There is another
man who's involved in this and I know its not Harold, because Zeus and
Marie has him tied up in knots.

There is something that I'm missing here and I'm no closer to proving that
Perthlin loves Marie. I know that Amber's worried that our plans are going
to blow up in our faces.

Today we opened the Studio in Chicago and we are going to do auditions. I
feel delighted that I can look to the sky and be able to tell my mentor that
I was able to make it in dance. Plus I have one of the largest chains of
Studios in the world with my half sister and twin sister. We have real
Street Dancers running it and not the fakers we see nowadays.

What didn't these cats have what it took to make it through Dance College
so they are littering the studios where they can claim their Street Dancers?

Oh God I'm starting to care about the Street Dance world when I should be
loving wrestling more. Enjoy the shots from the film and leave me your
thoughts on what I should do here.

How can I stop caring about the dance world?

Layla. xxx

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