Saturday, December 20, 2014

Finding the Light (The Doms of the Enlightened) by Rose Briner ~ Review


My name is Carrie. For the past fifteen years I have lived with an abusive monster that I feared I would spend the rest of my life with or worse would become my killer. But one night fate turned my entire world upside down, giving me a second chance at a new life. I was taken in by a friend I haven’t seen in years and thrust back into the path of a man that I thought I would never see again; forcing me to face the past and the one man I wish my heart could forget. 

Andrew shows me the deepest, darkest side of passion, unleashing a side of myself I never knew existed. But everything comes at a price and will this be what finally costs me the man I have secretly loved my entire life? 

I thought he would be the light in my life, that perhaps we could have back our moment in time that was stolen from us so long ago. But when Brian returns and secrets are exposed will our love be enough to withstand the ultimate test and the secrets Andrew’s kept hidden from me all these years? Or will I be forced back into the darkness that once consumed me?

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My Review

4.5 stars
Andrew is Carrie's first love, he seems to feel the same and suddenly he's leaving. Leaving her, his home, his family for an unexpected military career. He explains nothing telling her he got what he wanted and he's leaving, he's moved on and she should do the same.
Ofcourse this rips a young girl to pieces, she eventually moves on with a mutual friend Brian though Andrew is always in her heart and the back of her mind.
For the next 15 years he abuses her, physically, sexually, mentally and emotionally. Until one night he goes too far, attempting to kill her and she wakes in the hospital with an old friend by her side ready to take her in and hide her from Brian until he's caught.
Now Carrie's is face to face with her past, a past that has secrets that could hurt her more than Brian's fists ever could.

Just when she thinks her struggle is over she finds that Brian isn't the only person who wants to hurt her. 
This is Carrie's story. Her fight for survival, suffering but holding on to the one man's memory she ever loved, the one thing that keeps her alive through all of this is Andrew.
Carrie's story is full of heartbreak, love, loss, forgiveness, vengeance and freedom. 
I'm waiting for Andrew's side next and hopefully we will get stories for some of the other characters as well, Seth, Chris and Gray I absolutely want to know more about!

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