Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Review: Father

Father Father by Clarissa Wild
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First things first, the warning on this book should be taken seriously. I love the author but even I went back an forth before deciding to read this one, not that I'm easily offended I just wasn't sure about the preacher aspect at all.

Author’s Note: This book is not for everyone. It’s raw. It’s vulgar. It’s downright offensive. But it’s oh so damn delicious with a capital D. If you are easily offended or prudish, please don’t read this book. But if you like a bit of humor mixed in with raunchiness and brawling, you’ll love this book.
Contains disturbing situations, strong language, and graphic violence.

Now that we have that out of the way Father is dirty, he's pure filth, words I never expected to say about a preacher but there's no other way to explain Father Frank.
He's got a past, a pretty bad one that brought him to the church. Though the church doesn't contain the inner beast, he tries, he really does but he just can't be good.

Father is filthy as I mentioned but it's also humorous, engaging and in the end I kinda liked the guy. A few of his indiscretions made me cringe but it's a location thing for me, nothing major.
I read this book in one sitting, I honestly was on the fence, very unsure if I would get through this book when I opened it but it hooked me an I couldn't put it down.

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