Friday, July 7, 2017

Review: Call to Engage

Call to Engage Call to Engage by Tawny Weber
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Call to Engage is book 2 in the Team Poseidon series and while it's not necessary to read them in order I highly recommend it as having read book one only adds to the second!

As always Weber's SEALS are amazing reads. This is Elijah's story, having been betrayed by a team member he's on a mission to find out who it was and to reconnect with his ex Ava.
Ava and Elijah are different people now, much different than they were years ago when their marriage ended over a tragedy they could not overcome.
He wants her back to help ease his mind and she wants nothing more than to get over him so he's in for a bit of a ride trying to get what he wants!
When the threat to the team hits home Ava has no choice but to depend on the man who owns her heart even if she's reluctant as she knows no one will fight harder to keep her safe.

It's no secret I love this author and her SEALS just get better and better. Elijah may be my new favorite, he's definitely running neck in neck for the title.
4.5 stars

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