Friday, July 7, 2017

Review: Worth the Wait

Worth the Wait Worth the Wait by Lori Foster
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lord have mercy, Hogan Guthrie may be the single hottest dad ever.
Strong, dependable, attentive, a bit pushy, sexy as hell and did I mention he's worthy of the dad of the year award?
Having moved to a new town with his teenage son after a devastating end to his marriage Hogan's not exactly looking for the next Mrs. Guthrie, he's content with one nighters to scratch an itch then he's done.
He never brings a woman home, he puts his son first and never ever lets anything come between them.
His boss at the diner is a woman he'd love to get under him, problem is she's a keeper, a forever kind of woman so as much as he flirts, as much as he'd love nothing more than to strip her down it wouldn't be right.
Violet knows Hogan's history, well since he got to town. There aren't many women left he hasn't bedded and she's determined not be another one no matter how much it kills her to deny herself.
He's a great man if he weren't a manwhore he'd be exactly what she needs not just what she wants.

Can these two fight their attraction or will someone end up on the losing end?
I love this author, I've read so many of her books and they never get old. The Guthrie's will steal your heart, especially Luke. 5 stars

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