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Release Blitz ~ Mr. Jones & Me by Lindsay Marie Miller

Title: Mr. Jones & Me
Series: Jones #2
Author: Lindsay Marie Miller
Genre: Romance/New Adult/Suspense/Thriller  
 Release Date: June 20, 2016


Three years have passed since Finley O’Connell found love and heartbreak in the form of alluring, yet secretive psychology professor, Cabel Jones. Now a twenty-two-year-old graduate student, Finley hardly has time to fulfill her role as Cabel’s young new wife.

But when a voluptuous blonde bombshell from Cabel’s past arrives to fill a teaching position on campus, Finley feels immediately threatened. Jane Adams wants Cabel Jones back and will stop at nothing to rekindle romance with her former flame. Jealous and betrayed, Finley falls into a perilous trap that may cost Cabel his life.

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In that moment, I knew that he had me fooled. I would buy into this façade of a reality where it didn’t matter if Monty thought we were dead when we were actually alive. I had faith in a fairytale that we could live in a conspicuous location inconspicuously. It was all a fantasy, but I wanted so much to believe that we were safe, that no one would ever find us here, that Cabel and I had escaped unseen. 

But maybe I wasn’t a complete fool. Maybe it was denial not naiveté. Maybe it was hope in the pipe dream that our life could return to the way it once was. Either way, I succumbed to the fake world Cabel had created. And I let myself believe that none of it was too good to be true. 

Cabel’s fingers tangled through my hair, as his other hand slipped beneath my shirt and trailed the length of my naked back. Clinging to him, I clasped my hands together behind his neck and whimpered when he tugged at my bottom lip. Cabel groaned at the sound that left my parted lips and pushed me up against the wall. 

My hands searched his torso, rubbing and caressing his skin. His chest. His abs. His ribs. When Cabel folded his hands through mine and then ripped the shirt over the top of my head, I couldn’t believe that he was mine. How had I gotten so lucky? 

Cabel placed his hands at my waist and hauled me into the bedroom, where we collapsed on the mattress together. He stretched out beside me and cradled my face in his hands, similar to the first time we had made love. I felt his lips against my neck, as his fingers traveled along the sides of my arms and then my neck and then my spine. 

Right before that pivotal moment, that felt so much like freezing fire and burning ice, he left the softest kiss on my lips, and I knew he would be gentle. His frosty blue eyes gazed into mine, loving, caring, trusting. Since the day I met Cabel Jones, he had taken every part of me, but none that I hadn’t already been willing to give. As he braided his fingers through mine and pushed the back of my hands into the mattress, I knew that I had made my choice.

If he was going to burn, then I would burn with him.


4.5 stars

Reading book one in this series was fast paced and quickly hooked me, I was thrilled to be reading these books back to back so I didn't have to wait to see where Cabel & Finley's story was headed.
Well, I wasn't prepared for this.
If their little experiment that threw them into close quarters in book one was exciting, the things they go through in this one are so much more.
It's been three years since Finley fell for the one man she couldn't have, her psych professor.
Now she's graduated and is married to him. Their starting their life together but it can't be that simple can it?
Secrets from Cabel's past come back to haunt him, there's more fast paced action but this time it may not have a happy ending.
There's a new woman in town, Jane Adams is going to be teaching with Cabel but they have a past, the kind that makes any wife uneasy. When Jane doesn't stop putting the moves on Cabel, Finley feels betrayed and turns to the one person from their past she thinks she can trust but in reality she's just started a chain reaction that may be end of Cabel's life.

The truth that comes out OMG I seriously am not sure how I'd handle it, honestly I don't know that I could have stuck around.
Mr. Jones & Me will keep you on your toes until the very end.

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Finley O'Connell is a shy, reserved college student, who has no intention of ever trusting another man. At nineteen, Finley spends her Friday nights alone, studying clinical psychology to ease her mind of the abusive childhood she has yet to overcome.

Her new professor, the young, charismatic Cabel Jones, begins to take an interest in Finley, whose first instinct is to run. But when an ordinary experiment turns to bloodshed, Finley must rely on Cabel, as the two hide away in a rustic, secluded cabin in the wilderness. Plagued by deception and fear, Finley soon finds herself in the arms of the one man on campus who can never truly be hers.

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4 stars
Finley is a college freshman. She's focused on her studies and pretty shy, she's also crushing hard on her professor.
Cabel Jones is young for a professor, he recognizes Finley's attraction and is attracted to her as well though he'd never act on it. His career is his life and he won't risk it by getting involved with a student.
When an experiment goes wrong and their forced into hiding together it gets harder and harder to deny the attraction, Cabel's a strong willed man determined not to ruin his career and while Finley can fully appreciate it doesn't help ease the feelings she has towards him while their with each other day and night.

Me & Mr. Jones is a fast paced, quick read that will hook you on this series.  

Author Bio

LINDSAY MARIE MILLER was born and raised in Tallahassee, FL, where she graduated from high school as Valedictorian. Afterwards, Lindsay attended Florida State University and graduated Summa Cum Laude with an English Literature major, Psychology minor, and Specialized Studies in Markets and Institutions. 

Lindsay is the author of Mr. Jones & Me, S.I.N.G.L.E., Jungle Eyes, Me & Mr. Jones, and Emerald Green. An incurable romantic at heart, she enjoys writing about strong heroines and the honorable gentleman who claim their hearts, often utilizing elements of suspense, adventure, or even comedy. While the context of her writing is diverse, one factor always remains at the center of every novel: Love.

In her free time, Lindsay enjoys singing, playing the piano and guitar, and writing songs. The author resides in her hometown of Tallahassee, FL, where she is currently working on her next novel.

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