Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Review: Kid: Cerberus MC Book 2

Kid: Cerberus MC Book 2 Kid: Cerberus MC Book 2 by Marie James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Khloe is a foster kid, she's got an amazing boyfriend and together they plan to get her out of her situation, in just 6 short months when she's 18 they'll get married and all her problems will be solved.
Three months later it all comes crashing down when he's KIA in Iraq.
His family wants nothing to do with her and throws her out of their apartment leaving her the option of going back to her horrible foster family or living on the streets.

Former Marine and current man whore, sees a broken girl at a fundraiser for a fallen soldier. She's about to jump off a bridge when he stops her.
After finding out who she is and why she's there he wants to help her but he needs permission to bring a minor into the clubhouse.
Once there Kid can't get her out of his head. She's too young, he can't touch her but that's all he wants to do.
Part of the deal to bring her to the clubhouse is she's off limits. No one can touch her until she's legal, an those thirty days are going to be the death of Kid.
He tries to ignore her pull. Even stops sleeping with other women while waiting for her to turn 18.
And then something happens to Kid that changes everything.
He makes a mistake, a horrible mistake that Khloe can't forget.
Just when she was ready to give herself to Kid her whole world was turned upside down yet again and she has some hard choices to make.

Hearts are broken.
Trust is destroyed.

I loved this freaking book. Kid was amazing, well most of the time.
I do believe a certain someone needed a full on beat down and to be banned from the club as soon as she put her hands on Kid or at the very least after the damage was done but that's just me.
Other than the lack of beating people until they can't walk I loved eveything about book two and am looking forward to what's next in the Cerbrus MC series.

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