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Review: Into the Nothing

Into the Nothing Into the Nothing by B.T. Urruela
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After reading BT's co writing debut I had high hopes for Into the Nothing.
I read quite a few male authors, most don't have the touch when it comes to the feminine side of the story I experienced with this one.
I find few male authors manage to pull it off smoothly and am so impressed with how well this book read.
I'll admit curiosity about the authors first solo book had me jumping at the chance to read it as much as the blurb did and I'm happy to say I was hooked by the end of the first chapter.

Hearing so much of the story in Xander's POV was brilliant, I found it refreshing to see his view of Paige's family dynamic versus her telling us about it. It's obvious they are a close family and love each other very much but seeing it told through the eyes of the man who's never felt that kind of love helped me to embrace his character a bit more. Knowing that he never had it but recognizes it with longing and not resentment said a lot about him, his capacity to love was never a question for me after reading his description of the Watson's.

While Xander's life was horrible from early childhood on he tries to make the best of it. Working to be a decent, respectful man deserving of others trust and respect in return.
He's working towards something important to him and though he's put it off at times due to his feelings of inadequacy it's still his main goal in life and despite the setbacks he intends to see it through. (Yep that's a whole lot of what is she talking about? Cluing you in would be a spoiler and that's not going to happen!)

He meets the Watson's and in them finds a reason to stick around and friendship. Their the kind of people who love with all their hearts and they've given him an opportunity to be a part of their family for as long as he wants to stay and work.
Xander's always been able to move on after awhile, he has a few close friends but no serious intimate relationships, falling in love has never happened for him.
Until he met Paige and he started feeling things he's never felt before.
Protective is his default setting, but this is something more. Something he won't be pursuing though out of respect for her father.

As the entire Watson family and Xander grow close, Paige and Xander's feelings become harder to ignore, fighting them once they realize they both feel the same is a losing battle.
She sees so much in him, she wants to know his ups and downs, to love the man that he's become and be the woman who stands beside him no matter what he faces.
She's offering him what he never thought he could have, never thought he was worthy of.
But just when things seem to be perfect the unthinkable happens.
A family is destroyed and Xander is sent to prison.
But things aren't always what they seem, sometimes the ones you've known for years can be the ones that hurt you the most.

I'm completely in love with these characters, though they do enjoy their alcohol a bit more than maybe they should!! Into the Nothing is an outstanding start to what promises to be an exciting series. I ended this book thrilled with the idea of book two and hope it's not too long of a wait as I really need to see what's next.

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