Saturday, June 11, 2016

Review: Filthy Bastard

Filthy Bastard Filthy Bastard by Shelley Springfield
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Brew & Addy.
These two couldn't be more different.
She's never really lived and he may have lived just a little more than most.

She comes from a rich family but that doesn't mean happy.
Her mother is flat out psycho and her father's a wuss who lets mommy drag him around by his balls.
Then comes the brother in law from hell.
The things he puts Addy through and her parents allow are enough to make you either violently ill or want to commit murder, I personally thought of a few ways to take him out myself, ways that he would suffer.
Brew crosses paths with Addy by accident but once he does he realizes theres something about her he doesn't want to let go of.
That could be tough based on her reluctance to commit and need to push him away.
Once he finds out her secrets will he still want the broken and as she sees herself tainted, girl that he's fallen for or will it all just be too much?

If abuse or non consensual sex are triggers for you this may be one you need pass on but if your looking for a story full of suspense, action, with sexy bikers, a man who wants to save his woman, a woman who needs a strong man and revenge than look no further!

4.5 stars

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