Monday, July 18, 2016

For the Love of Gracie by Amy K. McClung

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Author: Amy K. McClung
Title: For the Love of Gracie
Series: Southern Devotion series, Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 8, 2016
Designer: Claire Smith

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Always falling for the wrong guy, Gracie Walker hasn't had much luck finding Prince Charming. She's reached a point where it's easier to forget about romance and focus on what's important: college, clubbing and her friends.

But the best-laid plans don't always pan out as hoped.

Caught up in a web of relationships that threaten nothing but pain, Gracie has to decide who she can trust and who can help keep her safe.

What lengths will the man of her dreams go to… for the Love of Gracie?

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 I absolutely loved this book! Gracie, Ashton and especially Cameron made me want to be apart of this gang. I'd love to have friends like this. They bring a level of closeness and family. Oh and they always have so much fun together, which includes having each other backs when something bad happens.
Gracie hasn't had the best track record with guys. She usually picks out the jerks and when she meets Ashton, she decides to do it differently. Since she has someone, they become friends. Being with Ashton makes her realize that her life isn't going as planned. She's determined to change that but just as soon as she's happy, trouble happens in form a stalker. This guy was piece of work for sure. Throughout everything they went thru, they remained strong and dedicated to one another. I absolutely loved Ashton, he was hurting and with Gracie, he was able to heal and move one. This book really is about healing from the past and finding love with some sexy southern gentleman. While I loved Gracie and Ashton, I loved Cameron(the drama queen) and Gavin, Derrick, Angel and Mary Jane. They are the type of friends you want in your life. This book has sweet and fun moments but it also has a crazy stalker who will stop at nothing to get the girl he loves back. I really enjoyed this book!
4 stars

Amy McClung was born in Nashville, TN. She is the second oldest of four girls and occasionally suffers from middle-child syndrome. She met the love of her life online in August of 2004, on his birthday of all days, and married him in September 2005.

Currently they have no human children, only the room full of colorful robots that transform into vehicles and the large headed Pop Funkos who represent their favorite characters. Collecting movies, shot glasses, Pop Funkos, and dust bunnies are some of her favorite pastimes.

Amy began writing in September of 2011 and independently published her first YA novel, Cascades of Moonlight, Book one of the Parker Harris series the following May. Her first book was a means of therapy for her, enabling her to escape reality for a while during a difficult transition in her life.

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