Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Review: No Offense, Darlin'

No Offense, Darlin' No Offense, Darlin' by S.J. Sawyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

No Offense, Darlin' is my first S.J. Sawyer book. I enjoyed the story and the writing but at times I seriously wanted to strangle Shelby.
I understand her feelings of inadequacy given her upbringing and peoples interpretation of her family but she took it too far.
Beau is perfect in every way.
He's got a good heart, can see through the BS, can encourage you to see the best in yourself and not give a damn about others opinions.
He wanted to give Shelby the world, only she was too ignorant/confused/disbelieving, all kinds of crazy wrapped up in her head to believe in him.
Her mom's a drug addict and at one time a whore. Her father was never around, and in a small town that means your trailer trash and mean girls don't let you forget it while guys think it makes you easy.
Yea she had reason to be down on herself and to have a hard time trusting, but once Beau showed her in every way possible that he didn't see a worthless piece of trash she should have trusted him more. She drove me crazy so often I wished I could slap her a time or ten.

Their story has it's ups and downs, more downs thanks to Shelby, but thankfully someone gets through that thick skull of her's eventually.
4 stars.

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