Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Review: Spectacular Rascal

Spectacular Rascal Spectacular Rascal by Lili Valente
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Magnificent Bastard was my intro to Lili Valente and I loved it, but sorry Bash & Penny, time to make way for Aiden.

"When you’ve been screwed over by Mr. Wrong, let a Spectacular Rascal show you how good it feels to be bad.

You know the smooth, successful New York businessman type? Well, I'm the other guy—the one you don’t bring home to mama. The tattooed, rough-around-the-edges, 100% primal badass.

As the resident bad boy of Magnificent Bastard Consulting, I’ve got what it takes to make sure your dangerous dick of an ex thinks twice before he knocks on your door again. -

Aiden is all that an then some. But he's also not.
He's got the appearance to make most any make take a step back, and any woman with eyes drool but there's more to the man.
His new client ends up being someone he has history with. The fact that they went by nicknames in college means he never knew her real name, and now in order to keep hidden from her ex she signed up under a different name altogether.
Cat's ex just doesn't know when to let go. Problem is there's more to him than most crazy ex's, he's way more dangerous than the typical ticked off "I own you" kinda man.
She's a different woman than the one Aiden knew in college, that fun loving girl is gone and has been replaced by one who's afraid and ashamed of herself. She's lost confidence in herself and that's one thing Aiden want's to give back to her.

Aiden has a problem. Cat's the one that got away. Working with her goes against company policy, they have a past so he should pass the job to Bash. Only he can't.
He want's to spend time with her, fix her life and bring back the smiling, confident woman he knew. For the first time in his career he may be in over his head. Cat's ex has a bit more power and farther reach than he's used to and even Bash want's him to hand her over to the police and get out.
But that's not going to happen. Aiden is going to see this through til the end and give her back the life she built before crazy came along.
But at what cost?
Aiden want's to keep Cat, for the first time he truly want's to keep someone in his life. But she's been through hell, there's no way she'll want a relationship after the one she just got out of, or will she?

As I said in the beginning, move over Bash Aiden is here. As much as I adored Bash, Aiden has stolen the spotlight and my heart. His story was much more involved considering his past with Cat and I believe the added little notes between them is what got me.

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