Monday, October 24, 2016

Release Blitz ~ Made to Suffer by Golden Czermak

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Made to Suffer

Title: Made to Suffer
Series: Journeyman Series #3
Author: Golden Czermak
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: October 24


The Adventure Continues
From author Golden Czermak, comes the third installment of the riveting Journeyman Series.

The Celtic Otherworld sits on the edge of a knife, threatening to fall into the waiting jaws of civil war. With the fate of the fourth artifact hanging in the balance,
can the Journeymen succeed in preventing such an atrocity from happening?

Complicating matters, the great demon Dajjal has finally made it to the Earth. Dispensing with niceties and formality, he asserts his dominance over the Noctis, their allies, and all other living things.

What hope do the worlds have for peace when they were Made to Suffer?

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Once again Golden Czermak proves to me that I am a closet paranormal fan!
Just when I didn't think these books could get better, he throws Made to Suffer my way and proves me wrong.

This is the third book in the Journeyman series and yes you need to read them in order.
There are varying points of view which if your not paying attention can confuse you, so sit down, relax and pay attention!!

In the third book Gage, Ady, Joey and Marcus are sent on separate missions.
Those missions introduce us to a few new characters including new Journemen Dax , Gabriel and Brandon. This story expands on Dijal an his plans to take over the world.
If you read the first two and thought they were good, then prepare yourself for something so much better, something that keeps you on your toes with a fast paced story that swallows you up and refuses to let you go until the very end.
And the end, well that leaves you wondering just what in the hell these guys could be up against next.

Great writing, engaging story and fast paced. If you love paranormal or even just like it, get started on this series!    

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About the Author

In the beginning, Golden worked the standard corporate rat race, completed college for a Chemical Engineering Degree, and began a small photography company on the side.
Since then, and the growth of the FuriousFotog brand, Golden became an internationally published modeling/fitness photographer and eventually began working as a book cover model.

Having been in the industry for at least four years, he has interfaced and networked with countless authors and other clients. As part of his work as a photographer, he worked with them to create book cover images - now numbering well over 250 at the beginning of 2016.
Learning the ins and out of the book world, along with being an avid reader and storyteller himself, Golden finally decided to write and publish his first book, Homeward Bound, in 2016. This paranormal adventure romance will span a total of six books and new ideas for other stories are in the works as well.

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