Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Review: A Harmless Little Game

A Harmless Little Game A Harmless Little Game by Meli Raine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Holy hell, what did I just read?
This is going to be one extremely twisted series.

You know those books that suck you in within the first few pages, keep you glued to your seat and refusing to see anything outside of those pages until your finished with the very last page?
That's what A Harmless Little Game was to me.
This is a twisted thrill ride, taking the reader high then low, giving you hope and then taking it away only to hint at getting it back.

Lindsay's life four years ago took a horrific turn.
Then her parents hid her away along with the truth of what happened to her.
Now she's being released and the first familiar face she sees is of the one man she loved but who did nothing to stop what happened to her.
He sat by and watched as she was destroyed physically, mentally and emotionally.
She wants nothing to do with Drew and cannot understand why her father would hire him of all people to protect her.

Once home the truth comes out.
The life, the friends, her family, her ex boyfriend.
Everything she thought she knew is different. Worst of all is the way her truth was twisted and made her out to be the one in the wrong.
Her best friends turned their backs on her four years ago, they lied, they are the reason she never got the justice she deserved.

But now she's home, she's faced with everything that's happened in the past four years, with her anger, her need for revenge and her father's need to control her every move, every word that comes out of her mouth.
If that weren't enough someone wants her silenced permanently. If it weren't for Drew she'd be dead, so now she needs to learn to trust the one man who let her down the most in her life.
A Harmless Little Game just opened a massive can of worms. We barely touched on Drew, I wanted to love him, I really did. He scares me though. With all the history, and his silence for so long I'm afraid Lindsay's trust may be misplaced with him. There's still so much to learn and I am absolutely impatiently awaiting the next part of this story, I need more right now!

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