Thursday, October 27, 2016

Review: Hell

Hell Hell by Elena M. Reyes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If there's one thing I absolutely adore it's a strong heroine.
Not the weak, whiny, always need to be saved woman who can't decide what brand of toilet paper to buy without a man telling her.
Nope, Janelle is one tough chick. She's got to be really, she along with her brother run a successful construction business in which she interacts with men of all types daily. Meaning she's got to have thick skin and a snarky attitude to give them shit right back and put them in their place.
She's not all rough & tough, she does have a heart it's just really hard to find.
Her new employee Joshua aka Yoshi as she refers to him, causes some serious butterflies when she meets him.
He doesn't back down, gives her hell right back and as much as she wants to hate it she can't, there's something magnetic about him.

Joshua relocated to Miami in hopes of a fresh start.
He's outrunning ghosts as well, after watching his father pine for his mother until the day he died Joshua lives by three simple rules....

Never sleep with the same woman more than three times.
Never do Relationships.
Never fall in love.

Until he meets his boss.
This woman does something to him, something he's not used to and honestly not sure how to handle.
He wants her in his bed but he won't let her off that easily.
The strong, independent, ball crusher of a woman isn't going to get what she wants without earning it.
That and begging for it.

I loved Janelle even if at times I wanted to slap the stupid out of her, when it comes to pushing she's got it down to a science. Joshua was easy to love from early on, while he had been a the equivalent of a man whore without a soul, he changed quickly and once committed to his path never veered off. Hell was an interesting read, I honestly didn't know how things were going to end.
4 stars.

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