Monday, April 10, 2017

Release Blitz - Resistance on Ice by S.R. Grey

Title: Resistance on Ice
Series: Boys of Winter #2
Author: S.R. Grey
Genre: Sports Romance/Romantic Comedy
Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs
Photographer: CJC Photography
Model: Adrian Gomez
Release Date: April 10, 2017


Hockey star Nolan Solvenson is nothing short of skilled perfection, both on and off the ice. Or so everyone thinks. His teammates are constantly hitting him up for advice, but really, when it comes to his own life, Nolan can't seem to make the right moves anymore.

Blame it all on Lainey Shelburne, a woman he wants but is determined to keep at arm’s length. That’s why, after a few sexy encounters, he unceremoniously blows her off.

When they’re reunited, facing off against the fiery cocktail waitress becomes the challenge of his life. Lainey is furious with him for dumping her and wants nothing more than to kick him in the junk. But Nolan—typical man—is only interested in getting Lainey back in his bed.

That plan is shot all to hell when they reach a shaky truce and Lainey drops the bomb that all she’s looking for now is a "just friends" relationship with Nolan.

Take that, Mr. Hot Right Winger!

Suddenly, the "know-it-all" athlete is skating on thin ice as he tries to hide his burgeoning feelings from the one woman who has the ability to thaw his heart. But is Lainey willing to try a relationship with him again? Can Nolan resist the urge to walk away?

Resistance on Ice is a fun standalone novel and the second installment in the bestselling Boys of Winter hockey romance series.



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This was a fun yet aggravating book to read. That's the best way to describe this book. Lainey and Nolan are great characters. They do things a little differently but with how these two are, it makes sense. After all the fun, Lainey decides they need to slow things down. Nolan is obviously against this but goes along with it. He has a past and some issues from that he needs to work on. I will say that the friends road doesn't work for them. To much sexual tension especially when Nolan picks out a movie or Lainey decides to ruin a boys night. I love the fire that Lainey has, her drive and her ability to just do things without thinking. She's a fun character for sure. I loved Nolan. Besides being the hot hockey player who seems to have a lot of fun, he always thought he'd never get married again. Things change when him and Lainey cool it down. This is where the aggravating part comes in. They do the will they or won't they get together very well. It's what you get when both characters are stubborn as h**l. Thankfully Nolan was able to put things in perspective and move on from the past. But proving to Lainey that he wants more, isn't going to be easy. Things move very fast but it's the way they work best. I seriously loved everything about this book, this series keeps getting better and better. I love how each character brings something to the group. It's so much more then hockey with this group. They want to have a life and love in their lives. They also have some wild and crazy moments along the way.. this one especially. There are so many times you will laugh in this book. Seriously people pick up these books, you won't be disappointed at all!

Author Bio

S.R. Grey is an Amazon Top 100 and a #1 Barnes & Noble Bestselling author. She is the author of the brand new Boys of Winter hockey romance series, the popular Judge Me Not books, the Promises series, the Inevitability duology, A Harbour Falls Mystery trilogy, and the Laid Bare series of novellas. Ms. Grey's works have appeared on multiple Amazon Bestseller lists, including Top 100 several times. She is also a #1 Bestselling Author on Barnes & Noble and a Top 100 Bestselling Author on iTunes.

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