Sunday, July 3, 2016

Review: Deep in You

Deep in You Deep in You by David S. Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Deep in You is a sexy romance with a little suspense, a sprinkle of drama and some serious heat.
Alexander Phoenix, better known as Xander, is a regimented gymnast but he also the king of one night stands. A different woman every chance he gets, never doing a repeat keeps things simple in his life. Until he meets Lily.
Lily is a journalist. She's recently single and meets Xander at a club, this winds up being the best sex ever for both of them but he's a one time kinda guy and Lily, well she doesn't really know what she is at the moment.

As time goes on Xander can't get Lily out of his head, it's more than the need to protect or sex, there's something deeper that he doesn't want to try to define.
As the two try to come to some sort of agreement as to whether or not they'll spend more time together secrets start to come out. Things they didn't expect come to light causing issues between them and others.

Then there's the end.
The cliffhanger end.
The kind of ending that leaves you cursing the author and begging for one more chapter?
That's what Deep in You does.

4.5 sexy, suspenseful stars

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