Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Review: Filthy English

Filthy English Filthy English by Ilsa Madden-Mills
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Remi Montague has just been dumped. Two weeks before her wedding.
Mr. Perfect isn't quite what he was made out to be.
She's lost a ton of cash since nothing is refundable and decides she should get something out of it so she and her best friend Lulu go on her honeymoon.
While downing tequila at Masquerade, a bar where patrons wear masks, she meets a man who's familiar to her. Takes her back to the most amazing 3 night stand she had a few years ago with Dax Blay.

Their time together may be memorable but the aftermath she'd rather forget.

Dax Blay. He's dirty, sexy and can have any woman he wants.
Sadly he's been hooked on the same woman for years. Yea he's had a ton of sex since their 3 day encounter but she's the only one he's never gotten out of his head.
And the woman beside him slinging back tequila couldn't be who he thinks it is, she should be married by now.

She was everything I never knew I wanted in a girl-except I couldn't have her. I didn't do relationships. - Dax

Once their identities are revealed it's a free for all of blame, shame, lust, love/hate, bickering and really, really bad decisions.
I wondered if either of them would ever decide what they truly wanted.
And Remi, I could have strangled her on occasion. Okay so your life has changed drastically, whine about it,pout, drink it out an move on not move backwards!!

Eventually they get their heads straight, one at a time, and realize what needs to be done. Thankfully there was a great resolution at the end because I seriously wanted Remi's head on a stake.

Angsty, sexy and full of snark, Filthy English was a great read that only made me slightly hate the heroine!

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