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Review: Forged in Fire

Forged in Fire Forged in Fire by Maggie Adams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Forged in Fire is book 5 in the Tempered Steel series and while it can be read on it's own I highly recommend reading this series from the beginning. There's so much your missing out on if you don't!!
I love the Coalson's, have since book one so I had high hope's for Lucky's story and the author exceeded them.
Lucky & Renee despise each other, the if I could get away with strangling you I would kind of dislike.
They rubbed each other the wrong way from their first meeting so when Lucky's accused of murder and his parents hire a private investigator to help him he's more than shocked to see Renee is that person.
It's a good thing she has so much respect for his family, otherwise she may have given up on his stubborn ass early on. But knowing the family and the kind of people they are she's sure Lucky's innocent, and the more she gets to know him she is certain he's been setup.
There's a chemistry between these two, one they both ignore. She ignores it simply because he's a client and he because he's an emotionless shell after the hell his ex-wife put him through.
Working side by side is bound to wear on them, but when it does will it be the chemistry that gets them or their disgust with each other?

I loved how strong Renee was, I'm the reader that can't stand book after book filled with whiny heroines who can't tie their own shoes. I love an independent woman and that's what Renee is. She's self sufficient, great at her job and Lucky with his alpha behavior hits her wrong from the word go which makes for some interesting banter between the characters.
And Lucky, he's a Coalson so your guaranteed to either love him at first meeting or have him worm his way into your heart, even when he's being a jerk you still have to love him!!
He's going through a ton of crap and luckily he doesn't turn to drinking or anything else to dull the pain, he fights and he doesn't give up until he wins.

A great family full of unconditional love, friends who would do anything for them, tons of suspense, a fast paced story that's well written and will hook you from the beginning. That's just some of what you can expect with Forged in Fire, but there's also a pretty great love story weaved into all that!
Another home run for Maggie Adams and the Tempered Steel series.

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