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Review: An Arrangement

An Arrangement An Arrangement by Lindsay Marie Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An Arrangement seems like a straight forward enough story line, Claire needs money to save her sister who has a heart condition. She's exhausted all traditional treatment and the only thing left is to pay out of pocket for experimental drugs. Problem is their expensive and Claire doesn't have the money.
Lucky for her her mother tells her of a trust her father set up for her that she'll come into on her 21st birthday, a trust that comes with strings attached.
In order to inherit Claire must be married but only to a man who is worth as much or more than she is.

After no so careful consideration by her mother she decides on an old friend, Benjamin Lewis.
She's known him since she was 8 years old, the first boy she had a crush on, the first boy she loved, the first boy to break her heart.
All of this unbeknownst to Ben as he was 8 years older than her.
Claire has to man up and face him, ask him to marry her just to save her sister. It doesn't take much convincing, he's willing to help in any way he can.
Thing is he wants this marriage to be real while Claire is completely messed up in the head thanks to the sadistic witch she calls mom.

I so adored Benny from the beginning. He's such a good man, good heart and beyond sweet. He was patient and tried to be so understanding while dealing with Claire's crazy along the way.
An then there's her mother. That woman deserves to rot in the most vile place ever. She put money, status and herself above all else, and most importantly above her children.
I won't give anything away, just know that she's the single most selfish, horrible mother ever and what she did to her daughter was unforgivable. No matter how the story ended that demonic bat shouldn't get a happily ever after.

I wanted to love this story but Claire's inability to make up her mind drove me nuts. I get she was dealing with some stuff but Ben was her rock, he was solid, always there for her and she couldn't get it through her head. Had she not been so flighty I'd have loved her, I mean she was selflessly giving up everything for the possibility of saving her sister's life but the way she went about it made me want to knock some sense into her!
4 stars.

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