Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Review: Handcuffed By Destiny

Handcuffed By Destiny Handcuffed By Destiny by Lori King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Crawley Creek Series is one of my favorites and every new addition is just as amazing as the last. This series should be read in order, you cannot fully appreciate these characters if you don't start at the beginning!

Handcuffed by Destiny is Sheriff Brandon Bower's & Destiny Warren's story.
He was raised by his grandma after his parents tragic death. He befriends the foster kids of the Crawley Creek Ranch and is immediately taken in and accepted as another member of the family.
Now grown and having lost his home to a flood, he's living in a cabin on the ranch while he rebuilds.

Destiny Warren has been through hell on earth. Kidnapped, forced into prostitution and left for dead when Sheriff Bran finds her alive an stays by her side she begins to trust him. He makes her feel safe and that's something she didn't expect to feel with a man.
She has a long road ahead of her but with him by her side it seems she might just make it.

Bran want's to make a life with Destiny, but he can't tell her that for fear of scaring her. They begin a slow courtship that will make your heart swell. The man is a gentleman through and through and could not be more perfect for the woman who considers herself too damaged for someone like him.

And just when things seem to be going great, along comes a threat that could destroy everything they've built.

This story has everything I've come to know and love from Ms King and the ending has left me antsy for book 6!!

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