Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Review: Wind River Wrangler

Wind River Wrangler Wind River Wrangler by Lindsay McKenna
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was my first Lindsay McKenna book but I really want to go back and read her entire backlist now.

Wind River Wrangler is the kind of story I love, one that goes into great detail about the beautiful Wyoming mountains, local wild flowers and the views of the land.
Maud Whitcomb & Roan Taggart are amazing, caring people who love getting their hands dirty. Working the land or with the animals their right at home. Their strong people with morals, which I find lacking in so many books I've seen lately, their way of life makes the reader comfortable and the writing makes you feels as though you can see what's being described in such vivid detail.
Roan being ex military made him the protective hero that I adore.

Shiloh Gallagher was strong but it's an unrealized strength. She's seen and lived through some horrific things in her life and now is running to Maud's home for a break from her life. She's being stalked and she doesn't know by who, it's affecting her work so she heads to Wyoming for a two month vacation.

Her story was heart wrenching and hopeful. Seeing Roan show her her strength, help her and care for her, drawing out the woman that lives in her but was buried beneath so much fear. I wanted to love her as a character but found I only like her, she has some back and forth that was a bit obnoxious at times, but all in all between the suspense, love story and bringing her back to the land of the living I enjoyed the book.

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