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Review: The Found

The Found The Found by Cole McCade
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Found is my first book by the author. Looking back I do wish I had read book one in this series as well as the companion novella (both of which I fully intend to read asap). This is a dark read but I would consider it on the lighter side of dark, I'm not sure why this book would have been banned as I've read much darker that was not, I felt personally that the warnings are a bit over the top when referring to this not being what BDSM is about, there was minimal BDSM related activity and I struggle to see where what was included could be traumatizing.
Maybe I've read too many dark stories to see where this one deserved to be banned, maybe not, either way you'll have to read and decide for yourself as everyone's tolerance level differs.

Priest is a contract killer.
He doesn't kill just anyone though, at least he doesn't believe he does.
Ex military he's found a new life that suits him and his need for making things right in the world.
When Willow witnesses one of his kills he takes her. He doesn't harm the innocent but he can't just let her walk and turn him in so tied up in his home is where she awakens.

She's one messed up chick. I'm understanding where some of her issues came from but honestly having an unemotional whore for a mother who ran off and left you seems to have caused some seriously effed up views on her body and what she feels.
Being picked on as a child and abandoned by her mother left her to be raised by a father who loved her more than life, but with his medical condition the older she got the more he came to depend on her. She became her fathers care taker and nothing more, she allowed it to envelop her entire life, her entire being until there really was nothing more to her.

She's also a screw up at that.

Her backstory was a bit lacking to me, where the story starts off with how she's lost her job didn't give much to go on as well as her brother. Devon is who she calls to bail her out of whatever trouble she ends up in but other than a brief meeting with him when they were children I don't understand their relationship at all. Their one phone call where they comment on their mother leads the reader to believe they developed some kind of relationship over the years but not what kind, I mean she calls him for money, he feels guilty for not helping with her father and that's the extent of their contact. The lack in background leads me to believe I missed some seriously important info in book one or the author just doesn't give you what you need to fully connect with some of these characters.

Priest we got to know, we got his backstory, what made him who he was, why he did it and his thought process when taking a job. I also saw him as redeemable, I could connect with him. Willow though her issues weren't all as easily explained. She seemed to have some deeper problems that I didn't feel were dug into deeply enough to see her changing and being able to have anything even remotely close to a normal, healthy relationship.
So as far as a connection with her, I found none. I believe she would be better off with a psychologist than a man in her life.

This one as much as I wanted it to just didn't work for me. I found myself with more questions by the end than answers and it drove me nuts.
3.5 stars.

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