Monday, October 3, 2016

Review: Tempt Me

Tempt Me Tempt Me by Roxy Sloane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Engaged to a man who's family is well know old money, Chloe thinks she has everything she's ever wanted. Love. Honest to goodness love for who she is and she loves this man for who he is, not his bank account.
When she meets the undeniably sexy, dirty talking, cocky as can be Jase she feels awful for simply finding him attractive, in her own way feels like looking or being attracted to him is cheating.
Little does she know Jase sought her out intentionally.
Jase is a PI hired to dig into Chloe's past.
Only this case will be unlike anything he's run across before.
He's a no strings kind of man, never really feels the need to protect anyone. He does his job, gets paid and moves on.
It's the same way with his relationships, get in, get off, get out.
That all changes when he meets Chloe.
He want's her but she's a mark, that puts her offlimits.
But he's drawn to her unlike any other woman and no matter how much she may deny it, she wants him as well.

Tempt Me is hot as hell. There's some seriously twisted stuff going on in the background which will leave you begging for book 2 but lucky you it's only ten days away!
Roxy Sloane books just keep getting better and better!

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