Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Review: A Harmless Little Plan

A Harmless Little Plan A Harmless Little Plan by Meli Raine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Finally. I feel like I've been waiting forever for the series finale. I wanted the ending so very badly but now that I have it I find myself a little sad that it's over simply because that means no more Drew.

A Harmless Little Plan brings Lindsay face to face with the people who betrayed her years ago.
She's been kidnapped by them, Drew is in jail and refuses to trust anyone, it seems like things are about to go really bad.

This one's bittersweet for me, I longed for revenge, for everyone involved in the initial attacks to get what they had coming. I wanted everyone involved to suffer, Lindsay's parents in particular.
When I got to the end my questions were answered, my need for vengeance for the most part satisfied but I don't think things with her family were truly settled. I harbor some serious hate for what they put her through especially considering the lack of regret on her mothers part.
But it's over and life moves on for Drew & Lindsay, they have a chance to start over and try to live the life they wanted before the attacks.

4.5 stars.

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