Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Review: DIRTY

DIRTY DIRTY by Scott Hildreth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Scott Hildreth has a talent for giving readers real characters, characters you can connect with on an emotional level and at times his characters struggles will mirror your own.
No matter what the subject matter, how dark or evil it may be, I easily find myself wrapped up in the story fairly quickly and unable to put the books down.
Another thing that pulls me towards the authors work are the heroines, yes he writes some of the sexiest alpha males with the filthiest mouths you'll read about but it's the strength of the females that I always recall.
Some of his heroines have been to hell an back but they made it through and they come out stronger with or without the help of others.
That brings me to Lex. After being kidnapped and going through some horrific shit she comes out of it pretty quickly figuring out that she's got to work through the ordeal to move on. She refuses to let it define her or ruin her life.
It doesn't hurt that she soon finds the man who saved her is willing to spend time with her, something that helps her get to her new normal.
Cholo's a badass. He's big and can be mean but he's also shy and reserved, at least he is with Lex.
He sees how strong she is and while spending time with her he starts to have feelings, something he's never experienced with a woman before.
He's patient.
He's by her side but never pushing, he's what she needs when she needs it but it all moves along slowly and smoothly at her pace.

And yes, there's plenty of MC stuff going on as well (specifically my boy Peebee spends a good bit of time in this one thank you SD) you still get your Filthy Fucker's, a little backstabbing and action thrown in. I liked seeing so much of the other guys in this one an not just in a club capacity, their lives outside the club, working etc.
Once again I have not a bad word to say about this authors work, he continues to produce story after story that I can't put down.

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