Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Review: Rough

Rough Rough by Scott Hildreth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my God, if I thought I loved Scott Hildreth's heroines before I was wrong, Tegan just jumped to the top of the list of badass chicks.
Her first meeting with Pee Bee is a complete disaster, she destroys his bike and he's not thrilled with her.
She has no money to pay him but quickly finds a well paying job that should quickly remedy that.
Until she knocks on the door an comes face to face with the man himself.
This doesn't go well, he doesn't want her taking care of his father and has no issues telling her so.
He's got a very low opinion of her which she quickly remedies. (This is truly my favorite part of this book!)
Tegan is pretty laid back. She's the opposite of Pee Bee in most ways, she doesn't curse and every other word out of his mouth is filthy, she doesn't date bikers and that's what he is so when their attraction becomes clear there are some things to work through. Luckily Lex is pretty accepting of people just as they are so she doesn't expect him to be someone he's not but she also won't be someone she's not so if you want her you take her as she is, quick witted snarky mouth an all.
These two are at each others throats more than not and it's enjoyable as hell to read.
I absolutely love these two together, I'm pretty sure they may be my favorite couple yet.
And the evolution of Pee Bee. That was pretty amazing to watch. Seeing him grow basically and become a man, well a real man under his father's guidance. That's my second favorite part of this book.

Rough is a bit of a lighter story than Hard was, yea Tegan has a past but it's not as dark as Peyton's. She really doesn't have anything to get over other than her distrust of bikers. She's completely amazing from her ability to cut a man down with her words to her spider monkey routine. The end broke my heart but I knew it was coming so it wasn't exactly a shock but I did cry during the last chapter or two damn you Scott Hildreth, that's twice now.

Best couple yet, well in this series at least. These two will be hard to top!

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