Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Review: Paw Prints on Her Heart

Paw Prints on Her Heart Paw Prints on Her Heart by Lori King
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Paw Prints on Her Heart tells the story of a wounded veteran and her struggles with PTSD as well as the physical damage.
She's not open at all, she has no interest in anything other than trying to prove through rehab that she can be the woman she was before. She comes from a military background, raised by her father and 5 older brothers, the Marine Corp is all she really knows and that allows her to add more pressure to herself to get back what she lost.

Luke Gillian is the town veterinarian. He's a single dad with a heart of gold.
From the first time he met Payton he knew she was it for him but she wants nothing to do with him outside of his taking care of her service dog Chinook.
But Luke won't take no for an answer, he refuses to let her crawl inside herself and shut everyone and everything that could be good in her life out just because she's insecure.
Slowly he helps her realize she's not quite as broken as she thinks she is, she just needed to get out of her head, overcome her insecurities and find a new purpose in life.
That's a lot to take in but when you have a cheerleader like Luke on your side it can make anything seem possible.
But as with anyone suffering from PTSD, there are hidden scars, small things that can set you way back. Payton has more than the physical scars to overcome and she pushes Luke away.
She's a strong woman, one who doesn't make excuses and doesn't like to accept help. She's also afraid, she's dealing with something so much bigger than her and she's not certain it's something she can overcome.

If you aren't familiar with this author or the Crawley Creek series your missing out on something amazing. The family ties, the friendships, the romance and suspense merge into stories that warm your heart and raise your blood pressure.

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