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Review: So Into You

So Into You So Into You by Maggie Kaye
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars
Leighton is a senators daughter, brought up with high expectations while living life under a microscope. Her life and career are on the right track, she's close to becoming partner at the firm and while her personal life may be nonexistent she has great friends.
Ree, Chloe, Harper and Leighton have been friends since they were kids. So it's only fair that their by her side when she gets some unexpected news.
News that will change her life forever and put her career at risk.
Faced with a new reality she knows there's someone else who needs to know so after some convincing she hops a plane to Australia.

Owen Foster.
Construction worker.
New parent.
Leighton's vacation fling.
Owen felt something for Leighton when he first met her, that something that told him she was meant to be his. But after a fling with no strings, not last names, nothing she leaves him.
When she tracks him down and shows up in Australia he can't keep his hands off her.
And once she gives him the news he insists on doing the right thing.
The problem with that is Leighton doesn't believe in his version of the right thing.

Leighton is just as attracted to Owen as he is to her, but she's afraid to admit it. She's a senators daughter, that comes with certain expectations and marrying a construction worker is not one of them.
Besides, she's not one for love and fairy tales, doesn't believe in marriages that last or insta-love.
Walking away from Owen once again is her only option so she heads home.
But Owen's a persistent man, when he wants something he's all in to get it.
That could be an issue for Leighton who's used to doing everything on her own and in her own way.

On more than one occasion I wanted to smack some sense into Leighton.
I understand her reasons behind her choices initially but as time went on she really needed to grow up an get over her issues. One of which stemmed from her parents relationship but once that was straightened out I hoped she would get over it but it didn't happen that way nor did it happen quickly.
Owen was perfect. Patient, kind, loving, personable, just cocky enough without being a jerk and totally in love with a woman who wouldn't back down and give him a chance.
I was rooting for him from the beginning and found myself irritated with Leighton at times.
The secondary characters were a great part of the story. I need to go back and read Chloe's story so I'll be caught up when the next book comes out.

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