Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Review: Worth It All

Worth It All Worth It All by Claudia Connor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

JT is a man who's entire life was changed by an accident.
One that crushed both his plans for life and his leg.
Focusing solely on his work in prognostics he's basically shut down anything outside of that. He's moved away from his family, avoids emotional commitments and just keeps to himself.
Paige is tough as nails.
A single mom working her tail off to provide the best for her daughter.
A daughter who happens to have a prosthetic leg, a leg she no longer wants to wear.
She thought she had a good man once but she's given up on that. There's no perfect man out there, it's just her and Casey and she intends to make the best of it for them both.

Enter JT.
There's something about Paige that pulls him, and he can't deny his need to help Casey.
He knows what the girl is going through and want's to help, to make it easier for her.
While Paige really can't afford to turn down any offer for help with her daughters leg, she tries so hard to keep herself detached from JT.
She's not a big believer in prince charming, no mans going to come along and save her, she has to do that for herself and Casey. So what makes JT so special that he gets past her walls?
And JT had no interest in developing any connection beyond helping Casey, how will the loner handle falling for not just Paige but her daughter too?

I love the McKinney Brothers. I was introduced in Worth the Risk and Stephen McKinney and though he took some warming up to, by the end I was a huge fan of the author and series.
Worth it All is emotional, it's a sweet romance with a dash of angst and strong willed characters. The story flows and kept me reading until late into the night, no way was I putting this one down until it was over!

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