Saturday, August 13, 2016

Review: The Gun Runner

The Gun Runner The Gun Runner by Scott Hildreth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you follow my reviews you know that I am what I like to call a Hildreth whore. Meaning if he writes it I will buy it.
From Christy Cross screwing her way hilariously through the alphabet to Alec Jacob's emotional roller coaster , every word of every book I've read has been addictive.

The Gun Runner is the authors first run at a mafia story and he nailed it.
Michael Tripp is just the kind of alpha hero I've come to expect. He's strong, loyal, in control, protective and stands up for those who are weaker.
He's making a new life outside the military and that life has him crossing paths with the mafia.

Terra-I really want to love her, and in the beginning I did. She's not the strong, independent woman I prefer to read about. She's a victim and a Mafia princess, she lives off daddys money and though at times she's strong she needs to man up a bit more!

Now to the part that drives me bat shit crazy about the first installment in this series, the lying.
Michael doesn't tell Terra the complete truth about what he does and she snaps an ditches him, when all along little miss Terra has her own secret. Her own HUGE effing secret, one that quite honestly in the mafia world could get him killed. She has the balls to ditch him over a lie but continues to keep hers? No, just no. THAT is what makes me want to curb stomp her.
And the end of the book, the last thing that happens between them, she should never have let it go that far without telling him the truth. Terra's got some serious work to do to get me to love her again, I understand her reasoning in the beginning but damnit she let it go way to far. For that and the fact that it could hurt Tripp I kinda hate her right now.

And that is why I'm dying to get book two. I have to know what's next for these two, I need to see the truth come out and how it's handled. Honestly, I just need more Tripp.

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