Thursday, August 11, 2016

Review: HIS Return

HIS Return HIS Return by Sheila Kell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sheila Kell's HIS series is easily one of my favorites.
The first two books in the series were amazing and put the author on my auto read list.
HIS Return is Jake's story.
After one confusing night with the one woman he's always wanted but never could have Jake's best friend tosses him out, sending him away while he's still trying to come to grips with what happened.
He ends up taking a dangerous job that takes him away for four years.
Four years of his life wasted.
Four years missing the woman he loves.
Four years without his best friend.

Now he's back and he intends to get Emily back. She's all he's thought about for years and he's not going to let her go a second time.

Emily always loved Jake, even though he's older she doesn't see that as an obstacle. She followed him and her brother around like a puppy when she was younger but he never looks at her the way she does him, moves on to another girl and each time it breaks her young heart. On her 18th birthday she goes to him. Finally she sees that the attraction is mutual she thinks she's finally going to be his only things don't quite work they way you want them to.
Her brother storms in and throws Jake out telling him to stay away from his sister.

Emily tried to protect him, tried to explain but for some reason Jake just looked lost. Now he's gone and it's ripped her heart out.
Fast forward four years and suddenly he's back. She doesn't know why he never fought for her just that he didn't and that's always hurt her. But she's got more to worry about than Jake, she stumbled onto something at work that puts her life in danger, and the life of someone she loves more than anything. Jake's in for a shock when he finally sees Emily again but he refuses to give up on her. No matter how much she tries to push him away she still loves him.
When she finds out the truth about why he didn't come back sooner will it change her feelings for him?

Then we have the ending. I'm heartbroken and contemplated yelling at MS Kell. I'm not giving anything away but Lest & Trent. My heart is broken and I'm hoping the next story intends to fix this for me!

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  1. Thank you for the support and wonderful review.
    Don't worry, I have added a seventh book to the series. That story will fix our boy.